Program Staff

lead through learning adventures in creation

Programming at Living Waters Bible Camp provides you with the skills and training you need to effectively teach and lead learning adventures in God’s creation. Program Staff are equipped to serve with joy and excellence. 

Nature Programs
Team Adventure Challenge
Adventure Elements
Program Maintenance

Nature Programs

  • These are specially designed Learning Adventures in creation. As a lead facilitator, you will learn and teach the program to many groups of campers throughout the summer.
  • They are directly related to the summer theme, check out our summer theme page to see the theme and nature programs for this year.
  • It is your responsibility as a Program Staff to memorize your program and present the information in a meaningful way for all age groups.


  • T.A.C. is a set of team-building challenges specifically designed for the age group of each camp.
  • As a facilitator, you will be responsible for teaching safety and helping the group achieve their goal
  • At the end of each session, you will lead a debrief discussing the real-world concepts that can be applied to the activities and challenges faced.


Responsible for assisting with facilitating:

  • Climbing Tower
  • Tree Climb
  • Giant Swing
  • Repelling

With belaying, zipline catching, and coaching, as well as set up and tear down.


  • Learns to run the range
  • Coaches campers and teaches them the basics and beyond
  • Sets up and tears down


This includes all projects in program areas:

  • Climbing Towers
  • Trails
  • The Fort
  • Tree Removal and Chipping.

One day you could be working on the playground and the next on the tower, depending on what is needed.


· Must be 18 years or older (supervising children/higher risk tasks). Programming allows 17 years old when they have high aptitude and have a 2-year commitment to Programming Summer Staff.

· Able to lift at least 50 pounds and able to transverse multiple terrains.

· Able to work with and supervise campers.

· Views programming as a servant ministry to ensure safety during activities.

· Eager to learn and teach about God’s Creation.

· Able to lead adventure programs in a safe manner.


· Based on aptitude and experience, a program staff member may be focused on work projects and assisting roles or may be focused on more interaction with campers.

· The amount of dorm leading that program staff member does is based on aptitude, experience, and weekly director’s needs.

· Will attend Foundation Camp if have not already attended. Performance in the Foundation Camp evaluation will direct the area of service in Programming.


· Set up and clean up for various program events as directed.

· Facilitate Nature Programs, theme events., Team Adventure Challenge and Climbing Tower programs as requested.

· Archery range set-up, program facilitation, and equipment storage as needed.

· Meet regularly with the Program Manager.

· Working on program projects. i.e., trail work, wood chipping, staining, cleaning.

· Supervise volunteers working on projects.

· Future theme research as directed.

· Clean, maintain and feed animals in the Investigation Center as needed.

· Be available to assist in other areas as needed and as scheduling permits.

· Dorm-lead 1 to 4 weeks.

· Assist with farm animal events at Plumfield Farm.