2024 Theme


Created for Worship

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”

Theme Nature Programs

This year our theme is “Created for Worship.” Connect with God, as we discover how people are uniquely created for worship. As we explore the day of rest, that finished the creation week, we will realize how our need for rest is fulfilled in worshiping God.

Rest Center
Come experience the days of creation as you walk through the Creation Museum and consider the purpose of the seventh day when God rested.

Puzzling Primates
Discover answers to puzzling questions of origin and purpose for primates and people by interacting with a live monkey and investigating fossil replicas.

Outdoor Survival Skills
Learn skills to survive in wilderness conditions and discover how to find complete rest and security in God through any life situation.

Ancient Man Archeology
As we search for clues to solve the mystery of ancient man’s intelligence and motivations to worship a deity, we will learn how God satisfies our desires to worship.

Cost of Worship
You will be challenged to value your faith in Christ as you experience recreated history of people who worshiped God despite the high price of persecution.

Echoes of Evidence
Come and be amazed as you explore the common but amazing ability to speak and what it reveals about human history, the complexity of language, and the amazing gift that it is from God.

Theme Events

Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

For those receiving theme t-shirts campers will have the opportunity to tie-dye them. This will be a creative introduction to the theme and a time to build relationships between campers and staff.   

Worship Celebration

Come experience expressions of adoration to God; through a variety of expressive arts.
•Possible Arts: Music, writing/poetry, dance, painting/drawing, sculpting/building, collage
•What this is not: performance or display driven
•What this is: Opportunities to use an art to individually express worship to God.