Summer theme

Mighty Servants

Ephesians 6:10  “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power”

This year our theme is “Mighty Servants”. We will be teaching how insects play an important role in God’s creation but go largely unnoticed. They do the hard work with great strength without seeking recognition. Draw closer to some amazing creatures observing the extraordinary lives of insects!  As we discover God’s surprising designs, we will learn how we can become mighty servants of God. Much like the ultimate servANT, our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to do the hard work of saving souls but never sought his own glory.

Theme Nature Programs

Busy Bees

Find out how amazing honeybees are as you observe them at work and learn how they are designed.  These observations with help us see how to become servants as well.

Renewal of Life  
Discover the important role of decomposer bugs as we explore the forest floor and hear how you can have new life through Jesus Christ.

Incredible Insects  
In the Nature Center, you will marvel at God’s design in exotic bugs and understand how even small creatures bring glory to God.

Invertebrate Zoo 
Interact with live insects in the Investigation Center and see how we can learn lessons about our spiritual lives from these unusual creatures.

Insect Safari  
You will experience the incredible world of bugs as we go on an insect hunt, and you will find out how you are also uniquely made to be helpful to people.

Wild Webs
Campers will be astonished by the amazing properties of webs and the spiders that weave them.  As they see and experience spider challenges, they will be challenged to be bold for Christ.  

Theme Events

Service Projects 

We will have dedicated times to focus on serving, so we can practice this discipline and experience how service is a part of worshiping God and strengthens our faith.      

Medieval Fair 

Imagine the time of knights, servants, and craftsmen in camp’s own Medieval Fair.  Enjoy feats of strength and time with friends as we participate in themed games and activities.      

2024 Theme