Ivan Munguia

Ivan (pronounced Ä’von) Munguia has been selected to be the next Executive Director. Ivan and his wife Laura lived in Guadalaraja, Mexico before moving to camp. They have five young children, three boys and two girls. Currently, Ivan worked as a Senior Software Engineer. From 2006 to 2009, Ivan attended Emmaus Bible College where he focused his attention to gain as much useful training for future ministry as possible. In 2007, Ivan served as a Living Waters summer staff member. He returned in 2013, along with his wife and children, to serve as a summer staff member. He has a heart for ministry and discipleship. Ivan and Laura have been involved in church planting and are actively involved in their current church. Ivan preaches and teaches regularly, is involved in youth ministry, Bible studies, discipling and camp work.

You can contact ivan at ivan@lwbc.org