creation education day



Thursday, February 1, 2024

Creation based outdoor education for your school aged children. 

Join us for these recurring creation based nature programs in the beautiful camp setting.  Your child will learn hands-on about God’s creation and His design.   Each day will consist of two of our “programs with a purpose” nature programs and a large group adventure activity.


10:00am Registration

10:30 Program #1

12:00pm Bring your own sack lunch

12:45-2:30 Program #2

2:30-4:00 Recreation Activity Options

4K-4th grade

Program 1: Rest Center

Program 2: Wonders of Water

5-12th grade

Program 1: Puzzling Primates

Program 2: Wilderness 1st Aid


The cost is $14 per student, registration must be done in advance.

Any adults or non-school-aged children should also register, but will not be charged.  There is no program for adults, however, parents need to chaperone students.

Please bring your own sack lunch.  Space in the lodge will be available for families to eat.