Creation conference

Friday, May 3, 2024 – Sunday, May 5, 2024


The spring Creation Conference at Living Waters Bible Camp is an annual event that you need to make a part of your church training program! We recruit premier, nationally known creation scientists to come and give expert testimony to the wonder of God’s creation!  If you are a lifelong creation enthusiast or just full of questions this event will give you the training you need to understand God’s Word and the world around you. 

Conference Description, Speakers, Schedule, and Cost


The Living Waters Bible Camp Creation Conference is an ideal training program for the whole family. Nationally renowned creation speakers will share technical talks on critical topics in the defense of Biblical Creation.

Living Waters Bible Camp staff and volunteers will be providing hands on Creation Programs for children 5 years old – 12 years old through out the conference.  Childcare will be provided for younger children (Infant – 4 year olds).  See the sample schedule below to see when these programs and childcare will be provided.

Sit back and leave the planning to us. Meals and housing will be provided for each family. Register early to reserve housing for your family.

As we learn about our incredible creator God we will drawn to worship. Sessions will include a time to give praise to our wonderful God by responding in worship.


Dr. Randy Guliuzza- Dr. Guliuzza, is a captivating speaker who presents well-documented and often humorous scientific and biblical talks to audiences of all ages. He is a nationally renowned creation speaker, he has published numerous books and videos  teaching the wonders of God’s Creation in an inspiring and understandable manner.

Jay Seegert- Jay is a longtime friend of camp and we are excited to have him back! He is the Keynote Speaker and Managing Director for The Starting Point Project, a creation ministry offering training through seminars and tours. Jay has a passion for helping Christians strengthen their faith, while also offering a gracious challenge to the sincere skeptic.


6:00 PM      Guests Arrive/Check In
7:00 PM      Welcome
7:30 PM      Sesssion 1: Major Evolutionary Blunders (Dr. Randy Guliuzza)
8:30 PM      Wagon Ride/Campfire

8:00 AM    Breakfast
9:00 AM    Singing
9:30AM      Session 2: Mutation-Selection: Our Destructive Creationist
Compromise(Dr. Randy Guliuzza)
                   Childrens Creation Program
                    Childcare Provided
10:30 AM      Break
11:00 AM       Session 3: Explore, Discover, Wonder, Worship – Dennis Siler
12:00 PM       Lunch
  1:00 PM        Animals from Living Waters 
  1:45 PM        Session 4: Getting From Darwin to Engineered Biology – Dr Guliuzza
                               Children’s Creation Program Option
 3:00 PM         Break
                          Book Tables & Camp Store
 4:00 PM         Session 5: Creation – The Case from Science – Jay Seegert
 5:00 PM         Break
 5:30 PM         Supper
 6:30 PM         Singing
 6:45 PM         Session 6: How Creatures Anticipate Future Environments – Dr Guliuzza
                               Children’s Creation Program Option 
 7:45 PM          Book Tables & Camp Store 
                             Creation Museum Tour   
                             Camp Fire on  Patio – Smores

8:00 AM         Breakfast
9:00 AM         The Origin of the Bible – Jay Seegert
10:15 AM        How to be Involved at Living Waters (Ivan)
11:00 AM        Singing                  
 11:15 AM        Answers to Three Key Questions at Living Waters – Dr Guliuzza
12:30 PM       Lunch
  1:00 PM       Clean Up/Depart


$95     13-Adult
$70     Children 4-12
      Children 3 & Under