Building The Stockade

You can see the excitement in Tim Hadley’s eye when he explains his process for harvesting, peeling and trimming logs for The Fort.  With the help of Jediah Partenheimer, Tim Dehnart and Ian Anderson the team is making great headway on completing the stockade portion of The Fort.  With the goal of finishing by Spring 2015, Tim and his team are driving hard to harvest trees right here at camp and prepare them for use.

This project, which started in 2007, is entering it’s final stage. We are so excited for it to be fully functional!  When The Fort is done it will be a unique facility for families, groups and summer campers to experience rustic camping while enjoying covered wagons and cooking meals over the campfire.

Families will use The Fort to disconnect from the distraction of technology and spend focused time learning, working and playing together.

Church groups are also looking forward to using The Fort for training.  The challenges of rustic living in temporary community will provide real life team building for any youth or adult group looking for unity and growth.

Summer campers will use The Fort for adventure activities and thematic programing.  Imagine Kids Camp boys climbing around the stockade keeping watch out for “invaders” and “wild” animals.

We look forward to seeing how The Fort will grow the ministry at camp and how the Lord is going to use this facility to impact lives for His Kingdom.