The theme of God’s provision and grace continues to be central to the ministry of LWBC, and Winterama 2008 was another opportunity for campers and staff to see God’s mighty hand changing lives.

With a total of 26 campers and 7 counselors, Winterama 2008 was filled with opportunities for people to build relationships and to share encouragement. In many ways the smaller numbers gave more people the opportunity to gain from being at Winterama, and there was less opportunity to get lost in the crowd.

Our theme “Giving a Defense”, challenged us to defend our faith and answer some hard questions about where we came from, how we can live for God, and what happens when we die. One young lady prayed to accept Jesus as her Savior during the retreat, Praise the Lord!

Thanks to all the campers and staff that made Winterama 2008 a weekend to remember.