Everyone who visits camp in the winter expects a snowy tube hill, thick ice for broomball, clean skates for ice skating, and groomed trails for cross-country skiing. While enjoying these areas is called “recreation,” building and maintaining this winter wonderland is far from recreation.

Tim and Joy Hadley begin preparing the winter area about a month before they are to be used. Some tasks are easy, such as pumping up the tubes, while other tasks are challenging, like spreading out a 100-yard tarp for the ice rink without it turning into a sail!

The whole process takes several weeks. Flooding the rink requires just the right conditions and temperatures. They need subfreezing temperatures and no snowfall for at least three days. Tim estimates it takes 200,000 gallons of water, pumped through a hose, to fill the ice rink!
Other interesting facts:

  • A tube ride will travel over 700 feet and can reach speeds of 30mph.
  • Camp has approximately 84 pairs of skates (donations are welcome).
  • Over 1,040 cups of hot chocolate are consumed at the Red Barn!
  • 300 mouth guards are given out each winter.
  • Tim Hadley has made his own manual Zamboni.

Tim and Joy Hadley are glad to provide this special area for our guests. The Hadleys love to see campers enjoying God’s creation. Even if a camper comes just for the ‘fun’, Tim and Joy know that camper will hear about Jesus while at camp!