Elevate Your Leadership Effectiveness

Are you passionate about leading others? If so, you’re encouraged to join us for an intensive three-day workshop with Tim Kight of Focus3 from October 20th-23rd at Living Waters Bible Camp near LaCrosse, Wis.

This workshop will prepare you to teach the “Life in Focus” curriculum to others by teaching you to effectively understand how one can manage his/her thoughts, feelings, and actions as he/she responds to the ever-changing circumstances of life. By learning these skills, you’ll be equipped to equip others with the biblical principles – or life skills – at the heart of excellence in Christ.

Tim Kight was overwhelmingly received at the Wisconsin / Iowa CCCI Sectional and has been a much appreciated speaker at past national conferences.

Cost: $525 includes three days of food, lodging, training, as well as all facilitator tools.
Note: The fee of $525 is a significantly-reduced fee from Tim’s normal rates – we’re offering his workshop at this price in order to help ministry leaders help train others.

For more information, check out lwbc.org or if you have any questions feel free to email Dennis Siler at dennis@lwbc.org or call 608-634-4373 x22.

To register, please email Missy Wetterling at missy@lwbc.org or call 608-634-4373 x21.