Nearly every guest who visits the valley comments on how beautiful the facilities look. God’s beautiful creation and well cared for buildings make Living Waters shine. Our staff and volunteers work hard to keep the quality outstanding.

One guest, however, looked around camp and saw one piece of equipment that didn’t look so nice. Our friend Al, from Duluth Minnesota, was volunteering in maintenance and saw our broken down old tractor and said, “I can help you with that.” Al picked up the tractor in May 2015 after a Creation Conference and took it home. That is the last we saw of it for over two years!

In September of 2017, Al drove back down to the valley with a brand new tractor! Or at least it looked like a brand new tractor. He volunteered his time and passion to repair and restore the tractor. The tractor is a 1958 Massey Ferguson. When asked how much time he spent on the project, Al responded, “It snowballed into a basket-case.” He had no idea how much time it took other than “a lot!” Al went on to share how God orchestrated a team of people and businesses to pitch-in and make it possible. Ziegler Caterpillar owners saw it parked in their parking lot and offered to paint it for free!

Thank you to all who contributed:

  • Ziegler Caterpillar: Donated paint
  • Peterson Excavating: Shop use
  • Hongisto’s Implement: Shop use
  • Bill Kubat: Mechanical repair
  • Al & Sarah Deloach-Kubat: Mechanical repair
  • Joel Voight Family: Donation

We are so thankful for Al’s efforts (for which he desires no recognition) and all those who contributed. This ministry would not be what it is today without every one of our wonderful volunteers the Lord brings our way!