This tired old shovel sits by the Lodge and I pass by it nearly every day. It stands as a wonderful visual example of a good servant.  This shovel has one function…to shovel.  The shovel does not question its role or wish for other duties.  It exists to be used by its master.  In fact, if you look closely, it has been used so much that its edges have  literally warn away!  It has been used over and over again because the master finds it to be a useful tool.  If it were not useful, it would not be used.  Anyone who looks at this shovel can see that it must be used-well because it is well-used. 

Will we look like this shovel when our lives near the end?  Will others look at our lives and see that we were well-used by the Lord?  Are we a useful tool in the Master’s hand?  When our life runs out will it be said of us “Well done my good and faithful servant”?

~Matthew  25:22-23