Preseason is just a few days away and the team will assemble at camp soon.  Preseason training will be intense but the team will be ready when the regular season opens.  Opening day will be here before we know it!  No, I’m not talking about baseball, I’m talking about the 2017 Living Waters Bible Camp Summer Staff.  June 7th marks the arrival of our exceptional team members who will be serving this summer.

Fifteen young people will commit the next 2 and half months of their lives to serving the Lord at camp.  Their duties will vary from answering phones to facilitating nature programs.  Each one will go through a week and a half of training, while a few first timers will continue for two more weeks of training in Foundation Camp.  All of this training will prepare the team for seven weeks of intense service.

Please pray for these young people.  Serving on Summer Staff can be one of the most spiritually and physically challenging experiences of a lifetime.  Pray that the team has hearts and minds prepared to continue the mission and goals of camp, and that they stay focused throughout the summer.

This year’s staff includes; Lydia Dietz in Guest Services, Jmee Felten in Dorm/Kitchen, Aubrey Hart in Photography, Rebekah Loew in Program, Kellyn Maurer in Marketing/Media, Lydia Siler in Program, Jacob Campbell in Program, Kristin Green in Program, Caleb Hadley in Program, Ethan Hart in Video, Makala Willette in Kitchen, Joelle Cannon in Office.

If you would like to contribute to these young adults serving at camp please visit the donor page We hope you make it down to camp this summer to meet each one of them!