“But according to His promise we are looking for a new heaven and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells,” 2 Peter 3:13. Won’t that be awesome to live in a world where the Perfect King of Kings reigns and NOTHING will go unattended by his righteous wisdom and influence? That will be glory indeed! And we wait with great anticipation as we see the aligning of those things which Scripture speaks of coming to pass before our very eyes! Come, Lord Jesus!

The past seven months have challenged us, just as they have for so many of you. At camp, it has required thinking and working out of the box to allow the ministry to continue and by God’s grace, it has. Many modifications for routine activities have been made in every aspect of serving campers. Sleeping arrangements, food service, program activities, and of course cleaning have all been done to the best of our ability to assure the health and safety of our guests. We praise the Lord for His goodness in keeping campers and guests healthy!

Besides all the additional work, the daily tasks of maintenance and housekeeping have been attended to, as well as progress on new projects. We thank the Lord for providing young adults and volunteer teams who have given of their time and energy to serve throughout the summer and even stayed on late in the fall. Several buildings have been reroofed and cement blocks laid for the office addition foundation as well as flatwork for the office and the carpenter shop addition.

Annie has been busy managing the housekeeping aspect of camp as well as caring for the flowers in the yard. She and her helpers had their work cut out for them this year making sure that every doorknob, handle, table, chair, and all other common surfaces were sanitized several times each day when guests are at camp.

It is our goal in caring for the maintenance and housekeeping aspects at camp to enhance the camper’s experience by keeping the facility clean, attractive, and functional. With your prayers, support, and God’s grace we strive to do the best we can! Thank you!