Have you ever wondered how many volunteers Living Waters has during the summer? Or how many pounds of hamburger are eaten during the summer? These and many more statistics are included in this unusual article.

   This summer we have had 408 different volunteers who have made it possible for our campers to be here. These awesome volunteers created events for our the Summer Staff in the media department to take 6,598 photos and 96,660 seconds of video footage which were transferred into 5 weekly videos.         These videos had footage of 484 campers, which, in addition to the camps that do not regularly get videos totaled 614 campers this summer. These 614 campers have consumed over 1,000 pounds of hamburger and used over 172,800 feet of paper towel this summer to clean up messes. Speaking of messes, on July 27th over 8 inches of rain was dumped on camp in about a 2 hour time frame.       Fortunately, no buildings were impacted, but landscape damage was enough to create several extra days of work for our record 3 Maintenance Summer Staff (they had to use a lot of paper towels). Girls camp, the camp that was in session when the rain hit, was immediately followed by a record LARGEST SUMMER CAMP EVER in Kids Camp 2! 109 campers and over 40 weekly staff had an amazing time being Firmly Planted in LWBC’s 49th year of camps, which brings us to another important number. Living Waters Bible Camp is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year! Back to this year though. Firmly Planted has been an amazing theme this summer and has required the running of 184 nature programs teaching kids about God’s amazing design for plants created on day 3. Another amazing creation which wowed campers this summer was the ice cream cone of which 1,937 were bought throughout the summer. Campers also enjoyed over 70 campfires and 7 of our Firmly Planted theme event Lumberjack Games over the summer. Our Lumberjack Games challenged campers to test their lumberjack skills through various themed events. Some of the best included one camper who hit the target on the hatchet throw 25 times in a row as well as a camper team who used the 2-man saw to cut through a log in a mere 11 seconds.

   Overall, Firmly Planted has been an amazing summer! We would like to thank everyone who put Jesus 1st and came to volunteer for the summer. Their hard work and dedication to the ministry makes Living Waters possible. We are so thankful for you and we hope to see you next summer!