This year’s summer staff have been thrown into the elements and refined by fire.  Through servant-leadership training on various programs, TAC elements, and activities like the climbing wall, each person has been tested physically, mentally and spiritually.  Many have had to overcome their fear of heights.  Bonding over worship music and prayer, we have soaked our “brain sponges” with all kinds of safety and leadership training as well as teachings from God’s Word.  Experiencing creation from multiple heights, we have learned to TRUST each other. (Somehow rock climbing becomes a trust exercise when you know your belayer has just been trained and only knows as much as you do.)  In our spare time, we have enjoyed watching the sunsets down in the valley and jumping in rain puddles in the middle of a storm.

Our main highlight (a trend we plan to continue) has been our evening prayer times.  It’s been a time of encouraging each other, but also lifting up the other full-time and weekly staff, as well as the campers who will be joining us shortly.  The first two camps will begin soon and once that happens we will all be diving into our roles and won’t work as closely together.  We welcome your prayers and are beyond excited to experience the work of God this summer!

Here’s how you can be praying for the 2016 summer staff:

  • Energy and enthusiasm for the long days and as we are interacting with campers

  • That our words and actions would be focused in glorifying God
  • Humble hearts to grow and learn from each day