This year we have 23 summer staff filling positions in program, kitchen, maintenance, and the office. Let’s hear from one of our newest summer staff members, Liz Dexter from Florida. While she may be retired from her job, she is not done serving the Lord! Liz is serving the summer at camp as the store manager. This is her first year on summer staff and first time at Living Waters!

Why did you join Summer Staff?

“A friend from a ministry I am involved with sends his kids to Living Waters Bible Camp. He shared my name with Dennis and asked me to reach out to him. After we spoke, I was put in touch with Paul. Eventually, the invitation to serve as summer staff was extended. I am always looking for new ways to serve.”

What has God taught you so far?

“God opened all the doors to make this happen once I accepted the opportunity. I had doubts about how everything would be covered. Members from my church, who I did not know previously, volunteered to stay in my house and care for my dog. Another neighbor is getting my mail, another is cutting the grass/watering the plants, and on and on! Indeed with God, all things are possible.”

What is the most challenging part?

“I have been challenged with some of the tasks that require strength and heavy lifting, but have found willing helpers when needed.”

A fun camp story from Liz’s time here so far…

“I have had the opportunity to meet two of the Boys Campers, Levi and Onesimus who know Ruthie Mwebeza (of Uganda) who I met on a mission trip 20+ years ago. She lived and worked in Wisconsin as a nanny for the boys! The boys are I are planning to FaceTime Ruthie in Jinja, Uganda together. I’ve heard this since I’ve been at camp, it’s not a small world but a big church!”