Top 10 signs that you love serving at Living Waters:

10.  You no longer refer to calendar years by number but rather by the Living Waters theme.

9.  When you get home you serve your family buffet style.

8.  You have three dresser drawers dedicated to camp t-shirts.

7.  You are happy your cell phone doesn’t work.  Yes!

6.  You have no idea what the major news stories are.

5.  If your caller ID says Andrew Jackson you automatically start packing your bags.

4.  Every time you get on a bus you start signing at the top of your lungs.

3.  You think 5 hours of sleep is a good night’s rest.

2.  You are overworked, under paid and people wish they could have your job.

1.  It’s 98 degrees outside and you’re sitting by a campfire!