Reflections from the Director

Family Camp 2008 was a wonderful time shared by over 20 families. The group spread over the full continuum of the age spectrum – with ages randing from two years old to grandparents. The 37 children, 6th grade and under, were treated to a safari each morning during their lesson times that were headed up by Luke and Anita H. Our 34 teens were challenged daily by Jason and Kristin C. as they studied the book, Do Hard Things. The adults were blessed every morning by the ministry of Keith L. as we thought about the different types of love.

We shared lots of laughs and fellowship throughout the days at the pool, the softball field, the golf course, Patti’s house, the archery range, the dinner tables, and – of course – at the evening adult special meeting time!

As always, the LWBC camp staff did an excellent job of preparing for us, and the nature programs were all well worth attending – even though there were no bats! Thanks to everyone at camp that made this week possible! You make it so easy for the directors!

-Kurt and Lori F.

Camper Quotes

“It was great working with the youth and seeing them get excited about living for Christ more vibrantly.”
-Kristin C.

“Teenagers can make a difference in the world.”
-Jacob H.

“I learned that I shouldn’t just let people see I am a Christian by what I don’t do, but what I DO do.”
-Laura H.


Here are a few photos from the week:

For a complete set of this week’s photosclick here.