Dear Andrew and Living Waters Bible Camp Staff,

Our students and staff were very blessed to visit you at Living Waters Bible Camp. From your greeting on our bus to some of the staff gathering to say goodbye, you demonstrated the love of Christ. From the first time I heard about Living Waters, I was impressed that you (the camp and Dennis) would provide and try to meet the camping group’s needs and desires for preaching and teaching. Dennis Siler did an excellent job of relating to the teens and giving them applications that they could relate to.

Your camp offers quite an impressive array of activities and I feel confident that we could return and do quite a variety of different things from what we experienced. The mud bog stories and applications are still being talked about in the halls of HCA. And many kids overcame their fear of the height to conquer the zip line. Several felt this was an area of significant personal growth – that besides the obvious analogy to stepping off into God’s will when we can’t feel His supporting hand. I’ve heard that talked about more than once too. The fort breakfast and all the associated skills challenges were really fun, although I am still disappointed that I couldn’t throw the hatchet and spit the tree in half – after all, I watched Daniel Boon as a kid do it dozens of times on TV!

Personally, I was blessed to have Tim notice that our bus needed some attention with the muffler and then take the initiative to fix it. We made it home safe and I praised God for a brother who was paying attention to our old bus.

Thanks for all you gave to make our Hope High Retreat memorable. I believe that we will be harvesting fruit from the seeds sown there all year long. May God bless you and your families and the ministry of Living Waters Bible Camp.

Sincerely for Christ-like kids,

Randy Krussow