Every 10 years, camp has the unique task of collecting hundreds of geodes for our Built On The Rock programs. A geode is a rock containing a cavity lined with crystals or other mineral matter. Geodes can weigh several pounds or less than one pound, and when you head down to Southern Iowa in search of them, you never know what you’re going to find.

Tim & Joy led a group of 20 adults and kids with strong backs and the desire to spend the day along creek beds in search of these hidden gems. After the 6 hour bus ride, all were ready to tromp along the river’s edge for a day and a half of loading up bags and carrying the geodes uphill and out of the riverbed to the bus trailer. 

Makala helping find Geodes

The first stop on the geode hunt led to rocks which were few and far between. The second stop on the hunt was an area prolific in geodes! It allowed the group to collect twice as many as the desired 1,000 geodes for which we were searching! We thanked God for the beautiful weather, the safety working among the riverbeds, and the provision of rocks we needed.

The geodes will be used this summer in the “Built on the Rock” program titled Polished Rocks and Geodes.  Children and families will learn how, just like a geode, we might be plain on the outside but God looks on the inside where true beauty resides. Outfitted with safety equipment, campers use chisels and hammers to split the rock open with a partner and then they are taught how to be spiritual partners. Campers are encouraged to remember one another in prayer when they return home and share their Living Waters Bible Camp experience with others.

Make sure you register for camp this summer and maybe mark your calendars for the year 2027 and you and the family can join us on a geode hunt! 🙂