Praise the Lord we were able to arrive safely at Living Waters!!!

Our trip on Friday, Jan 15th, went super well with no complications. Kids behaved well on the planes; the Immigration process was fast and easy. Dennis picked us up at the airport, we got dinner on the road and arrived safely at his house around 9 pm.

One of the good surprises was our housing. Dennis and Mary Ann went to great lengths to create a great living space in their basement. We have a washer and dryer, two separate rooms, a fully functional kitchen, and a beautiful living space. Praise the Lord for Dennis and Mary Ann’s hospitality. Even the fridge and the pantry were stocked, thanks to the Evers and the Sanner families, and we had enough winter clothes ready to use thanks to the Campbell, Balk, Siler, Bures, Evers, Hougas, and many other families. Our family is feeling REALLY welcome!!! Praise the Lord for His provision through all these families!

I was able to attend the Father-Son retreat with Jeremiah (10) and David(8). We had a beautiful experience getting to know winter camps at Living Waters. We also attended as a family Snow Days, and we were thrilled to see all our kids enjoying the snow activities.

Dennis and I started working on the transition right away; both of us are enjoying the process. I think we understand each other pretty well. Praise the Lord for this great friendship that started 14 years ago.

We are looking forward to many years serving at Living Waters.


Ivan Munguia