In early March a team of 31 strangers gathered at Living Waters to embark on a life changing journey. The bonding began as the team traveled to Juarez Mexico for a week of ministry partnership with Amigos En Cristo.  Through service projects, construction and creation programs the team made a significant impact on the children of Juarez and the ministry that serves them.  Ironically, whenever a team goes to serve, they always come away more blessed by the experience.  Here are a few team member testimonials of the way God worked in thier lives. 

18 year old:

  I saw God working in so many areas this week! The people there were so accepting, kind, and hospitable, and I saw God’s love through them. When we sang together in church, we sang in Spanish and English, praising God together in a way I had never experienced before.

One night, the pastor was playing the guitar in the kitchen, and Shannon joined him with his other guitar, and I played my pennywhistle. We played and sang in harmonious praise of God, and it blessed my heart to see how formerly complete strangers could join in song to praise our Lord and Savior. We have Jesus in common, and we serve Him together. That is beautiful! It was like a small taste of heaven, where every tribe, tongue and nation will join together in praise at the throne of God. I hope that you can experience that joy in your life as you serve the Lord.

20 year old:

This mission trip has been an even larger eye opener than I expected. When preparing myself for this trip, I was ready for the worst. I was ready to live for a week in very simple conditions without WiFi or any connections with life back home. I had the expectation of, ‘well if they are poor they are going to be far behind when it comes to technology and cultural advances’. One thing that the Lord has taught me on this trip is even though these people live in poverty they make the best out of what they are given. As I meet more people in different cultures I realize more that Americans are very selfish in not just material things but their attitude toward other people that are not American. Americans have a very high ego and look down at people that are not in a nice home or have the most up to date things. This week I have been humbled by the Lord showing me my American ego once again ranked people by expectations of income and happiness. Another thing, I have learned from this trip is to not to complain about anything because I can have a way worse situation. It was also amazing to see that the Lord is working everywhere in every language even though I might not understand it, but knowing that I can still honor and glorify him in my love for Him through my actions.

15 year old

Going on this mission trip has been a huge blessing for me. It has helped me grow closer to God, and it has helped me to grow in my willingness to serve others and God. It’s just so amazing to see how complete strangers and people of different cultures and languages can come together and work alongside one another, working together in unity, and not as individuals. How much we accomplished together is amazing.

This trip has also showed me how much I complain and take things for granted, while the people of Mexico don’t have as much, but are so happy. I hope that as I go home, that my attitude will change for the better, and that I will appreciate how blessed I am.

The goal of Living Waters is to create Servant Leaders who walk in humility in service to the Lord.  Once again the Mission trip proved to be a fruitful training tool!