The trip is going well so far!
We are thankful to the Lord for safety and for the unity of the group working together. Tim Gamwell and Chris Sanner have spoken to us in the evenings and we had a great time of groups praying last night. It went longer than expected, but it was encouraging to all of the group. =)
We have had only one scorpion bite – which is like a nasty bee sting. We have seen other scorpions along with several black widows, but people are being very cautious when reaching into dark spots and before putting on shoes and getting into sleeping bags.
Yesterday, the wind was strong and blew dust and sand around. We experienced problems with sand in the eyes and hair, and the sand pelting the skin was a little uncomfortable. Despite all this, we are still encouraged by the opportunity to work and minister to the people in and around the Carlos Chavira compound (where we are working) and Hacienda (where we are staying).
We visited an Indian community and an orphanage/elderly care center on Sunday (as mentioned in the last update). It is so great to see God’s faithfulness in such a poor area! The work went well on Monday with working on the water system at the Chavira compound. Water is very important here in the desert.
The construction of the team building program elements is going well, and we are getting ready for the training on Wednesday. Local seminary students and pastors are hoping to join us on Wednesday to receive training on the team building activities. Hopefully, the first group of local children will be on-site to use the program on Thursday.
The tile in the kichen areas is going well. Mary Ann and Mindy are heading this project, with several helpers. This will allow all the storage and prep areas to get completed.
Keep praying — thanks!