We thank the Lord for what He has taught us, what we have seen, and the work we were able to accomplish on this trip. During our evening study times we were encouraged and challenged as Tim Gamwell and Matt spoke to us. It is great to see that the Lord is teaching Matt so much as he serves here. It was also encouraging to be able to visit other ministries and see the work the Lord is doing through them.

A few praises from the trip…

  • We were able to complete the projects they had set aside for us to do; we tiled two bathrooms, a large kitchen and four bedrooms as well as built 30 bunk beds.
  • The Lord allowed us to travel down with an excess amount of food. We were able to leave it there to help in the community or with other groups that come to serve.
  • The transmission on the big blue van appears to have just overheated; it has been running fine all week.
  • We were thankful for safety on the trip. Other than increased police and military, we didn’t see or feel any increase in danger.

A few prayer requests…

  • Pray that our trip home would be safe.
  • Pray that the transmission on the van would not have any problems.
  • Because of the current conditions in Juarez, most mission groups have stopped traveling there for a time. Tim is still leading groups through LCI, so pray that the Lord will bring the group in order to accomplish the work that needs to be done.
  • We are headed over the border today (Thursday), in order to meet pick up the bus and transfer our stuff back to it. We will be staying in Texas tonight and hope to be home by noon on Saturday.

Thank you for your prayers!