Let me introduce to you Jamie Wandschneider.

This summer will be Jamie’s first summer at Living Waters.  Jamie is a Public Relations major at Iowa State University in Ames and will be serving in the camp office helping with video production and marketing.  Before you come to camp this summer take a moment to meet Jamie!  She is very excited to meet you.

What are your hobbies?  Reading (especially classic novels, Shakespeare, and C.S. Lewis), swing dancing, and going on walks.

What is your favorite Bible verse? He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be no mourning, no crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. -Revelation 21:4 

How did you discover LWBC?  I found the Living Waters website on an internet search.  I liked the mission statement, the focus on creation and the passion to share the gospel.

Why do you want to work at LWBC?  I have a passion for the outdoors, serving others and bringing people to know and love Christ.  Serving at LWBC would give me the opportunity to do all of these things.

What are your personal goals for this summer?  To gain experience with marketing as well as videography and photography.  Also to fall more in love with Christ, be better at studying my Bible instead of just reading it and memorizing scripture.

Where are you serving the Lord today?  I lead a connection group through our campus ministry.  We meet once a week to talk about the message from that week.  My job is to be an encouraging light in their lives and lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

Coffee or Not?  I am a coffee enthusiast!

What do you like to shop for?  Office supplies!! Especially my yearly planner, all my friends think I am crazy, but I seriously get so excited.

Any phobias?  Yes, greenhouses jam packed with exotic plants!

Jamie will arrive at camp in late May.  She will attend staff training for a week and a half followed by two weeks as a Foundation Camper.  Training is important!  Her time in the office will serve as an internship for her P.R. major.  Thanks to generous donors who will be supporting Jamie financially we are looking forward to having Jamie at camp!