As the snow is finally melted (we hope) here in Wisconsin, and spring is coming into full bloom, you might be asking…”What would make someone “crazy” enough to commit to working a full summer at Living Waters Bible Camp?” Let’s direct that question towards someone with a lot of experience. Camp kid and long-time volunteer, Jmee Felten, has recently decided to join the ranks of summer staff and can tell you all about her decision!

How did you get involved with Living Waters in the first place?

Jmee was basically raised at camp, since her dad was one of the founding fathers. She went through all the stages that anyone who regularly goes to camp does. For most of her childhood, she was a camper, and then when she was old enough she volunteered as kitchen help, dishwashing for a whole summer. But she wanted to explore serving in other areas of camp to find her “niche.” The following year, she trained at Foundation Camp so that she could become a dorm-leader. Once she graduated from highschool, she took a few years away from camp to focus on school and work.

What drew you back to camp the second time?

God must have wanted Jmee back at camp, because He gave her a “thorn in her flesh” to help her start thinking about serving at camp again. She recalls, “In March of 2005, I found out that I was in need of a liver transplant to save my life, and from then on I haven’t been able to have a job because of the stress it can cause on my body. And so after having two transplants I found myself with a lot of free time, one day I noticed on Facebook that they needed help at camp in the dorm leading area and I inquired about it and haven’t stopped ever since.”

What prompted you to join the full-time summer staff this year?

“It was during my time dorm leading that I got to feel what it was like to lead a camper to Christ, and it was then I felt led by the Lord that this is where He wants me to serve right now. He may have other plans later on, but for now I believe he is leading me to camp.”

Would you recommend summer staff to others?

“I would highly recommend becoming Summer Staff!!! You get so many things from it!!!! You get to grow in his Word by having studies with the staff, you get to grow in your knowledge in everyday things, you get to have a bond with campers that you meet throughout the summer, and you get another family. The Summer Staff Family.”

Well folks, you’ve heard it from one of the greats! Joining the ranks of summer staff at Living Waters Bible Camp may be an experience you will never forget. My encouragement to you is (and I think Jmee would agree) to pray about it! Ask God how He would like you to serve Him this summer, and if He’s leading you to– come be a part of our family!