How many of you come to complete halt at every stop sign? If you’re like most people, and there’s no traffic in sight, you might just slow down and roll right on through. What if you have been coasting through your marriage like you drive through stop signs?  Life gets busy, and sometimes it takes all of the ‘gas in your tank’ just to get through the day. Taking the weekend off to go to a couple’s retreat could be the “stop sign” that forces you to come to a complete halt and ask, “are we going in the right direction?” before continuing on.  

The Marriage and Family Retreat at Living Waters is a couple’s retreat like you’ve never been to before.  There’s no need to find a babysitter–you can bring the whole family along! We will provide marriage sessions and fellowship for couples, while the kids can enjoy creation programs and outdoor activities. Come from November 11th-13th to learn from someone who has “been there” before and also to fellowship with other couples who are striving for better marriages.  

Our speakers, Lee and Kirsten Hildebrand, are long-time friends of Living Waters; they have enjoyed camp both as campers and as speakers. Lee offers marriage and family counseling and Kirsten assists couples as a lawyer. Both have seen the harmful effects of neglect on marriage. Together, they have led marriage seminars while incorporating a Biblical perspective.

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