The last weekend of March, fifty-four parents and children entered the valley for a marriage retreat.  You may be thinking, “why would you bring your kids to a marriage retreat?”  Well, normally you wouldn’t but this is Living Waters Bible Camp.  We believe God created the family and we want to honor marriage while serving the whole family.

Although it was only our second Marriage and Family Retreat we see this program is meeting a huge need. Both programs were full!

Lee and Kirsten Hildebrand, professional counselors, volunteer to facilitate these Marriage and Family Retreats twice a year.   They do an incredible job making couples feel comfortable and offer practical advice for their marriage.  While the couples enjoyed the sessions the children were guided through camp programs and outdoor adventures.

Be sure to join us for the next Marriage and Family Retreat

Here is what a few of the attendees had to say about their experience.


“I saw more peace and happiness in my spouse.”

“We appreciated the teaching and saw Christ drawing us closer.”

“Fabulous teaching, comfortable accommodations, incredible food.”

“I have been so impressed by the way that Christ truly is center in this camp.”


“Awesome bunk beds!”

“I have a better understanding of the creation of the world.”

Join us for our next event which will be November 10-12.