As many you heard, there was a lot of rain and flooding in Vernon County on Monday night and Tuesday morning. We are pleased to inform you that camp is safe and sound. All buildings are intact and have suffered no flood damage. The amount of erosion that we experienced, due to the heavy rains and run off, is less than we have experienced in the past. There is the usual washing away below the road bridge, and the bottom of the tube hill is once again covered with debris. View a Fly Over Video

   The earthen dam at Jersey Valley was designed with an overflow spillway. Eventually the spillway failed and the lake continues to drain. The run off went past the Fort area but there was no damage to the Fort, wagons or the tower.

   We were hosting a guest group Monday night when the Westby Fire Department, as a precaution, required an evacuation in the morning because of concerns about the earth dam at Jersey Valley. We complied with the authorities by bussing the group home, as they enjoyed breakfast on the way. All campers made it home safely.

   In coming weeks, there will be many hours of labor to clean up debris. Any volunteers or equipment available to help would be appreciated. Contact the Andrew with availability by calling 608-634-4373 or emailing

   We thank God for His goodness in preserving us through this region wide disaster, and pray for all those whose property has been flooded. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!

   -Living Waters Staff