The last time you were at Living Waters, you may have noticed the neat and tidy facilities everywhere you go. That is in no small part due to all the hard work volunteers and staff do to keep the resources God has given us in tip-top shape. And there is always something to be done, whether it’s detailed spring cleaning or outdoor improvements like painting and pressure washing, camp always has a need for helping hands. In the past, one of the ways we’ve collaborated with volunteers is with a spring Work Week.

But this year we have no Work Week! And why is that? Well we got the answer from Chris Sutton, our one and only Maintenance guy. He says, “Originally, Living Waters was closed during the winter time, and people all gathered together in spring to get it ready for use again; to un-winterize it. We continued on the Work Week tradition ever since, but these days we’re open year-round; we really need year-round help.”

And that means you! If you, your family, church, or community service group has a spare day or two, we would love your help! We have indoor, outdoor, and rooftop projects that need volunteers of all ages and talents.

Interested? Just give Living Waters a call! We can set your group up with a project that fits your schedule.

We are also searching for a summer staff member that would help in the facilities department this summer.   This is a critical role in keeping camp look nice and function properly. 

P: (608)634-4373