After at least fifteen years, our worn and weathered log-cabin Nature Center has been given a dramatic facelift. Due in no small part to all the hard work and efforts of staff, the Teleios students, and a handful of volunteers, the Nature Center has gone from drab to fab! No longer gray and dull, the building now looks pleasantly rustic, while still maintaining the welcoming, warm-and-fuzzy log cabin aesthetic.

The old building underwent a series of time-consuming projects to make it look fantastic; such as a detailed power-washing and staining. Many hours of hard work (and a little bit of horseplay to balance) went into the project, and as you can see, it all paid off nicely. The trim, doors, and shutters got a fresh coat of paint too.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the inside of our Nature Center, you’re really missing out! Camp’s vision is centered around Creation education: “…To be a premier Christian resource for leadership development and creation experience in the Midwest.” The Nature Center is designed to walk you through a hands-on tour of the seven days of creation; when God set the universe into motion!  It features many unique displays of fossils, insects, birds, and furry critters, used as teaching elements to further learning and comprehension. And the Nature Center is not just designed for kids; adults can learn a thing or two as well! If you or your church would like to experience our Nature Center tour, please contact the LWBC office at 608-634-4373.  We’d love to show you around.