Many centuries ago, the apostle Paul warned that the “last days” would be “terrible” (2 Tim 3.1-5). He goes on to describe a society that is completely broken on every level. Whether we are in the “last days” or not is not for us to say, but it is clear that the symptoms of that age are already characteristic of our own society. The good news is that the gospel is designed for terrible times, but it must be handled with skill. There is an urgent need to prepare believers to serve the cause of Christ in a way that unleashes the power of the gospel.

Teleios (TEL-ay-os) is LWBC’s answer to this challenge. Paul’s life and ministry were driven by his intense desire to “present everyone mature (greek: teleios) in Christ (Col. 1.28), and that is our goal as well. Teleios is an intensive one-year, in-residence training program designed to cultivate in each student the character of Christ, so that the power of His life is released to live and work through them. The training consists of a mix of intensive Bible studies, ministry skills training, personal development, and service, all under the watchful care of seasoned mentors. The program is designed primarily for graduating high school seniors, but is open to older students as well. Lord willing the program begins August 10, 2014, and concludes the end of July of 2015. The cost of tuition, room and board is $3,500. Even with some additional costs (e.g. books, software, travel, etc), the total cost of the program is not much more than what it would cost to feed and house your teen at home. Teleios is an excellent way to prepare teens for life and college.

Watch the LWBC website for more information and application materials. If you have questions, please contact Dave Hart, the Teleios director, at 608-634-4374 ext 25  or