As the school year begins to wrap up, Living Waters Bible Camp hosts a family camp that is specifically geared towards homeschoolers! Yes, they are the families who get to do their school in pajamas, and still do schoolwork on snow days. We acknowledge that it’s a huge commitment to teach kids every day. With that in mind, Living Waters strives to create an environment that encourages parents to just spend time with their kids, and to enjoy discovering and learning with them. These families get to be the first to experience our new programs for the year, including Paleontology, Waters of the World, Fossil Dig, the Evidence for a Creator Hike, and Extraordinary Animals. Over the four days of camp the families hiked, explored, rode horses, sang songs, climbed, and ate good food.


We had the opportunity to ask the homeschooling parents a few questions. Here are their responses:

Schmidt Family

From: Milwaukee, WI

Number of Kids: 2

How many years have you been coming to camp? This is our first time here.

What do you think about camp so far? It’s been really great. The programs are really fun and engage the kids and are interesting too; well done, as far as content. The accommodations are far more comfortable than I anticipated.

Why do you homeschool? There are many reasons, mainly so that we are the ones who raise our kids, not someone else. And so that we can make sure we are imparting our faith, and spending time together and having close relationships.

Why choose Living Waters? We heard about it, and got something in the mail. It looked great, and the prices were reasonable. And the idea of having a homeschool camp was nice because there are going to be other homeschoolers there.


Boyd Family

From: Chicago, IL Area

Number of Kids: 2

Why do you homeschool? We feel like it’s a great opportunity to spend that time with the kids, and to be able to steer their education so that it is always Christ-centered.

How many years have you come to camp? This is our fourth year.

Why choose Living Waters? Someone we knew had been coming for years and years and they told us about it.

What do your kids like most about camp? They like to be outside in God’s creation and getting to experience new things they’ve never seen before.
Is the value of the week worth the cost of camp? Yes. Even though we’re missing school this week, the nature programs are educational and reinforce being Christ-centered.


Katie Welch

From: Westby, WI

Number of Kids: 5

Why choose Living Waters? It’s close, it has a solid foundation on the Lord, and we love the people here; we love being here.

What is your favorite Nature program? Evidence for a Creator.

And there you have it. If you are a homeschooling family and have never gotten the opportunity to come to Living Waters for homeschool camp, take a look at our website, it has all the information you need to know about upcoming homeschool events: