On June 7th, the Holterman Family made the 4 hour drive from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Living Waters Bible Camp.  It’s a drive they have done many times over the years.  Since discovering Living Waters on the internet they have been part of the Living Waters family, attending Homeschool Family Camp, Father Son Retreat, Mother Daughter Retreat and Work Week.

June 8-12th, the Holtermans enjoyed an “affordable family vacation”, as they called it, while serving at camp.  Together they stained/painted two dorms and transplanted many plants around camp.

When asked why they love Living Waters Russ said, “It’s the teaching combined with the adventure (fun) of camp.”  Mel, Russ’ wife, answered, “Living Waters presents the Gospel, it is a Bible based camp.”

Camp is a place where they can serve together as a family.  “It is a blessing to serve, we believe in serving”, says Mel, as she referenced Romans 12:6-7. “We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve…” The Holtermans said they don’t have a lot of resources to give, but they are hard workers…So they serve! 

This year their daughter, Lauren, stayed at camp after Work Week to experience the training of Foundation Camp.  This will enable her to serve at camp even more in the future.   

The whole family agreed, all laughing as if they had an inside joke, a highlight of the week was when Forest, their youngest son, “kicked the bucket”.  Yes, while painting as a family…it is bound to happen!

Thank you to the Holtermans and the many volunteers that served at camp during Work Week this year.  The work you do makes camp beautiful and keeps our equipment in tip top shape!  Thank you!