The second weekend of October, we had Iowans coming out of our ears! Well, some of them were from Wisconsin, but all of them were from Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa. On October 9th, an entire crew of nine college kids descended upon us, ready and willing to serve in the camp kitchen. They faithfully and cheerfully prepared food and washed dishes for the weekend, bringing a smile to all the guests and staff. And if you stood in the hallway long enough you’d be sure to hear one of the many musical numbers so eloquently performed by the dish crew in-between dishwasher loads.

The students came to camp in order to fulfill some of their required ministry service hours, but anyone could tell that they walked away with much more than just a signed form. And they were a blessing to the kitchen manager, Kevin, who certainly had no shortage for help!

The energy and cheerfulness of the Emmaus team was refreshing, to say the least, and we even got to try some new and unexpected things, such as baking powder in chocolate chip cookie! They were actually quite good! We owe it to the great young men and women who came to volunteer that we had such a great and thrilling weekend

If you are interested in helping in the kitchen, even if only for a day, please contact Kevin Evers, the Kitchen Manager. Anyone over the age of fourteen can help, and there is no experience required! We hope you will consider Living Waters as a place where you can donate your time to help a ministry that is dedicated to training servant leaders for Christ.