We have moved! We have been praying for a place that would allow the Christian Horse Lovers Club at our home. The Lord provided such a place. We moved on October 14th, while there is some work to be done before we can house horses, we plan to move horses Spring of 2023. We are so thankful for a place we can use for more ministry opportunities. 

Andy: While serving full-time at camp, Andy continues to work part-time at the Town of Mukwonago PD to keep his certification. Andy also joined a group teaching Hunter’s Safety at the Viroqua PD. He enjoys hunting and trapping in the fall and winter.

Kristen: She continues to homeschool Seth and Kora. As the children get older she finds more time to volunteer at camp. Kristen is also involved in the Women’s ministry at Grace Church. Pray that she can prioritize school, home, and camp throughout the year. 

Drew: Drew and Makala were married May 1st. If you are interested in hearing about their ministry at Living Waters Bible Camp email Drew at DrewD@lwbc.org  to connect with them.

Abby: Abby continues working at the Vet Clinic as an assistant. She is very excited to have horses at home and ride in our own woods. She volunteers as a Dorm Leader for summer and winter camp. The CHC ministry is going very well. Pray for Abby as she continues to minister to the Middle School girls in CHC.    

Seth: Seth is in 12th grade. He is playing basketball again this year and is enjoying being part of the team. Seth completed Foundation Camp last summer and is looking at the possibility of being on summer staff in 2023. He is looking into options after high school. Pray for him as he seeks the Lord’s plans for his next step.

Kora: Kora is in 8th grade. She loves the new house and exploring the woods. Volleyball went well this fall. She is improving and enjoys playing. Kora enjoys serving in the camp kitchen and hanging out with friends at camp. 

Prayer Requests:

1. Open positions at camp: Facilities Director, Guest Services Assistant, Kitchen Assistant, Office Manager    

2.  Vehicle repairs and needs in the coming year.

3. Financial Support for our family in 2023

Kristen and I appreciate prayer and financial support from all of you. If anyone would like to visit, volunteer, or help with a work project please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you would prefer to receive our newsletter via email please send an email to AndyD@lwbc.org.   

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Andy, Kristen, Abby, Seth, Kora Douglass