Each week our volunteer Dorm Leaders tell us a little bit about their week of camp.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Girls Camp – “For me, I saw and experienced the power of prayer and have come away with an even greater understanding of how powerful prayer (and ultimately God) is.  Seeing my girls being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and having a desire to grow was a blessing.”

Girls Camp – “It was awesome to see girls go from homesickness to being comfortable, to not wanting to leave”

Girls Camp – “I love to be in the dorms.  I like seeing God working in the lives of campers and I am glad for how it stretches me.”

Girls Camp – “As a first time dorm leader, it was amazing to watch how God could teach me about myself, especially my pride, then with my campers.”

Girls Camp – “Probably one of my best experiences as a dorm leader yet!  The obvious focus on Christ and being able to feel his presence made for a very impactful week not only for my girls, but for me as well.”

Senior High Camp – “This week of service showed me that camp could not only be fun and evangelistic, but it could challenge young believers to be spiritual leaders and leaders in their community.  I believe I saw some real growth this week in campers.”

Senior High Camp – “During devotionals guys really opened up and we came together very tightly.”

Senior High Camp – “Christ was working through the conversations I had with some of my campers.  It was a huge encouragement to see the campers using their gifts and abilities in service to God and the others around them.

Senior High Camp – “I believe camp is an awesome place to recharge and re-evaluate your relationship with God, all while learning and being in His creation.”