This Spring Living Waters Bible Camp will host the Coulee Region Creation Conference.  This is an annual event that you need to make a part of your church training program!   We recruit premier nationally known scientists to come and give expert testimony to the wonder of God’s creation!  If you are a lifelong creation enthusiast or just full of questions this event will give you the training you need to understand God’s Word and the world around you.

Join us as we welcome both

Eric Hovind from Creation Today and Tim Chaffey from the Ark Project at Answers In Genesis!  Eric and Tim are experts in their field and will be revealing truth about creation-based science as well as sharing first hand experience about the massive projects in which they are involved.

Eric is intimately involved with the production of the new 3D Genesis movie

This movie will be a first of it’s kind biblical account of creation presented in computer generated graphics.  At Living Waters Eric will share with us some behind the scenes detail about the movie as well as three seminars on Creation Science.  Dennis Siler calls Eric one of his “favorite creation speakers of all time!”

Tim is one of the chief curators for the Ark museum.   Tim has done the research necesary for the museum’s exhibits and will be sharing his insights on planning and building the only life size replica of Noah’s Ark

Sessions will include both an adult and children track. Our time will include; Creation Training, Creation Museum Tours, Worship Music, Meals, Snacks, Fellowship and Nature Hikes.

Please visit the website to register today!