As the summer schedule wrapped up in August, most of the summer staff went back to school or other jobs.  However, we were privileged to have three staff that committed to serving for three more months.  Jediah and Adelle Partenheimer and Rebekah Loew served a vital role during our busy retreat season.  Their time at camp has come to an end and they will be heading home soon.  I sat down with each of them to ask them about their experience.

Why do you serve at Living Waters?

Jediah’s first response was a robust “It’s the best camp!”  After further thought they all agreed that it was the joy of leading nature programs and working with the other staff.  Jediah concluded with, “It is a meaningful place to impact people for Christ while learning so much.”

How did the retreat season differ from the summer season?

Adelle answered “Busier!  There are more needs and less staff make it happen.”  However, that has a plus side.  Rebekah pointed out that when a group comes to camp you get to know them better than you do a summer camper because you are with them for more activities.  “In the summer, I led my one program and only saw each camper once.”  Rebekah continued, “In the fall I facilitated several activities with the same group and got to know the guests better.”

What did you do in the evening?

“If we weren’t working we were at a Bible study,” was the summary of the answer.  Bible studies, prayer meetings or group fellowship are available every night, Sunday to Thursday in the camp community. 

What was the most challenging task?

  • Number 2 was staying up until 1:30am with the Ladies Retreat.  “Those ladies like to talk.”
  • Number 1 was cutting down all the Buckthorn around camp.  “It can be painful.”

Favorite moment?

Rebekah shared a story from her time facilitating a nature program.  She explained how her group stepped out of the nature center to observe the ropes which outline the dimensions of Noah’s Ark.  The ropes are very high and very long.  She said one boy looked up and exclaimed “Holy Hannah!  That’s bigger than my house!”

All in all they agreed that their experience at camp has been rewarding and life altering.  They are thankful for the time to be a part of the ministry and are sad about leaving.  We are sad to see them go and pray the Lord will provide strong workers again next year!