Meet Chris. Chris is a Teleios student for the 2017-2018 year. Chris’ home is in Mexico City. He has a degree in economics and loves the Lord with all his heart. He came to Living Waters to discover God’s call on his life and because he wanted more training on how to serve the Lord. At the beginning of the program, Chris set several goals for himself and he and the staff have worked together to achieve each of those goals during the Teleios program.

While he would tell you that he came to learn English, I can attest that his English was quite good when he came and has only gotten better during his stay.

Chris’ first goal was to determine if he should go to Bible School next year. He desires to learn more about the word of God. To help him determine possible future education we arranged for him to visit both Moody Bible Institute (a dream of his) and Emmaus Bible College. Both were an eye opening and growing experience for him. He now knows what the obstacles are to attending a college here in the states and wishes to attend Emmaus in the future. During the Teleios program he has attended two Bible study groups each week.

Another goal was to learn how to have a better relationship with the Lord by having a regular prayer time. Currently he is reading a book about prayer with Tim and Joy and they meet to discus the book every week. Chris says, “I have learned a lot about what praying means and better ways to use this precious and valuable time with the Lord.”

Another goal was to learn about our creation programs. For this reason he has been primarily helping Tim and Joy in the program department and has seen first hand how programs are developed and how they function. Chris says that, “Programing has taught me that God’s service is not easy but God proves us and equips us to work for his glory.” Chris adds, “I have learned to have a humble heart, be ready to listen to God, and that His strength and motivation to accomplish His work comes only from God himself. We are just his instruments and He will use us for his best purpose.”

Chris also has a passion and a gift for drawing. He has created his own cartoon bunny named “Noble”. Once a week Chris comes to the marketing office and works on the video computer to learn Adobe Illustrator. By watching videos, asking questions, and meeting with talented volunteers Chris has transformed Noble from the page to the computer. The first time Chris saw Noble on the computer he teared up a bit. It was a long time dream. Also, he has had the opportunity to help camp with his new graphic design knowledge and he has enjoyed using these new abilities that God has given him to serve at camp. 

When asked if he would recommend the Teleios program Chris responded with, “Everyone who wants to serve the Lord should come to Living Waters to learn how to do it and how to challenge your heart to serve him. Nowadays, we have lost the perspective of why we have been created and that is to give Him the glory serving Him. Living Waters is an excellent place to find this out. I can’t express with words how grateful I am to God and to Living Waters for this great opportunity to serve.”

Pray for Chris this week. He is traveling back to Mexico with the missions trip. This is necessary for his travel visa. Pray that all goes well with his return to the states and he is granted another six months so he can stay for summer staff.

Some other first time experiences for Chris were; water skiing, walking on snow, visiting “the bean” in Chicago, snow skiing, driving a golf cart, teaching at AWANA, and much more.

If you would like to know more about the Teleios program I would encourage you to talk to Chris this summer. Visit the website. Email Paul. We would love to tell you how Teleios might be a good fit for you!