Recently a father, inquiring about camp, asked me some tough questions about the safety of children at Living Waters.  In today’s world of accidents, attacks and outbreaks it is no wonder that parents are asking more questions about safety before they entrust their children to our care. 

Here are ten steps and screening tools that Living Waters Bible Camp takes to safeguard of our summer campers:

  1. All staff (and volunteers) are given a Criminal Background Check.  Names, birth-dates and Social Security numbers are checked on a national database for criminal offenses.
  2. Three personal references must be submitted to serve at camp.
  3. Every staff member must attended training in accordance to Living Waters Bible Camp’s Child Protection Policy.
  4. All staff are trained in “360 Degree Supervision”.  A child protection accountability program.
  5. All staff are trained on our Active Shooter procedure.
  6. The National Child Abuse Hotline phone number is publicly posted at camp.
  7. All dorms have two dorm leaders assigned to each dorm.
  8. All private areas have keyed locks on the door.  All other rooms have windows in the door.
  9. Outdoor public areas intended for one on one personal conversation are intentionally placed throughout camp within line-of-sight of any passerby.
  10. Perhaps, most importantly, our staff and hundreds of other prayer warriors continually lift up the ministry to the Lord in prayer. Time after time we have experienced God’s faithfulness and care for the Spiritual training that takes place at Living Waters Bible Camp.

So the next time you are telling a friend about Living Waters and they ask some tough questions, feel free to refer them to our website or have them call the camp office for more information.