Camp is off to a great start this summer and our campers and staff think so, too! Here are some of our favorite quotes from Kids Camp 1 and Boys Camp!

Boys Camp: 

  • I had fun and I am leaving stronger in the Lord wanting to work more for Him and learn more.
  • Before I came here (to camp) I wasn’t really a “real” Christian.  I say this because I used to call myself a Christian but never put any thought or work into it so when I go home I really want to work on that.
  • When we were at the Adirondacks we laid in the field and saw a light meteor shower which was amazing.
  • I love coming to camp because it is a great place to make new friends and learn about the Lord.
  • You gave me many ways to improve my walk with God.

Kids Camp:  

  • Well this is my last year at Kids Camp and probably the BEST!
  • I liked growing in the Lord.
  • Living Waters has taught me to be a better servant.
  • Living Waters is fun, exiting and what it teaches about the Bible is wonderful.
  • Accepted God for eternal life.
  • I prayed and accepted Jesus into my heart.
  • The camp games were really fun and I learned a lot from the nature programs.
  • I experienced a lot at Living Waters and I feel like I’ve improved my relationship with Christ.
  • This camp is awesome!

Kids Camp Staff:  

  • It was amazing to see how the campers grew and opened up more and on one of the last days I was able to hope a camper reaffirm their faith.  Dorm leading has also helped me grow in my faith and learning to put things in God’s hands.
  • One of our campers became a Christian and a lot more recommitted their life to Christ. 
  • I see this as the perfect place to grow in faith.
  • Every time I have come to camp and served, I have been stretched, as well as encouraged and grown closer to the Lord.
  • Dorm leading for the first time really opened my eyes to the great ability I have to reach kids’ lives.
  • I really enjoyed being a light in these campers’ lives.  It was a definite eye opener this week how big of an impact we have on them.

Boys Camp Staff:  

  • One hot day, a boy was working on the craft project.  I asked him how he felt.  He said, this is the best day of my life!