Dan and Nelva Melcher share the story of their history and love for Living Waters in the same unassuming way they’ve always been a part of this ministry. Since their son first begged them to come and check out the camp, the Melchers have been a part of camp for nearly 50 years. Dan remembers his son saying, “Dad you need to come to camp and help out!”

I told him, “No I don’t need to go to camp.” He kept after me, and finally, we showed up at camp and we’ve been hooked ever since.
The Melchers have served in many different roles at camp, though Nelva most fondly remembers cooking for the camps while her kids were attending as campers. A lot has improved in the facilities over the years but they get especially excited when they see, as Nelva says, “Little ones who came through as campers and now are adults attending. Some are grandparents already and it is so neat to see the families coming back to serve at camp and attend camp and see the next generations hear the Word and come to know the Lord as their Savior.”
They appreciate and faithfully pray that camp will “stay true to God’s word and using Creation as what God has done and the beauty that’s here and we just thank God for that.”
As the Melcher’s have watched children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren come to Living Waters, they are in awe of a good God and Dan reflects, “Wow, what a heritage. That the Lord would use them as they grow up. We really appreciate that to see the kids come back and all the people that help volunteer, you know, we need a lot of hands to do various jobs at camp.”

Camp appreciates the Melchers and their continued service to camp. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary of God’s faithfulness we also recognize God’s faithful servants who have made this camp a special place for campers to encounter God.