An article written by Jackson Thompson:

Being a camp kid is one of the best jobs that a kid could have. Who wouldn’t want to be able to live near camp and be down there most of the summer, not to mention the rest of the year. Camp kids have the opportunity to come to camp during times that many people do not have the opportunity. Being at camp more often gives you the unique chance of being able to see the progress of camp and the different seasons of camp up close. As a camp kid you get to connect with a large number of people who come through camp and often get to be the “Spokesperson” from camp to those people in order to give camp a good reputation. Getting to grow up at camp gives you some of the best experiences you can get helping, playing, and just hanging out with people.

Personally, I get to see God work at Living Waters, both in my life and in the lives of others. Helping throughout the whole year is a great way to be able to see and influence, by words and actions, the guests and volunteers. Being a staff kid also enlarges your influence over people about camp. This is because you are seen as a direct result of what camp can do to you in your life because of your innate closeness with camp. I find that, as a camp kid, I get to grow in ways that I would not normally because of the different circumstances that I see at a camp. For example, learning how to teach people about God through creation, or learning how to do dishes for 90 people, before most teens do their own laundry.

I believe that Living Waters is special, because the opportunity to serve is present for anyone who wants to grow in practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Most places simply pay people to do the jobs that often push us beyond the boundaries of our normal life. When we are pushed (especially for me in the area of patience) God finds our hearts far more open then they would be normally. This is the “camp” behind the camp. People who serve for a group at camp oftentimes learn more then the campers do. This is something that I, as a camp kid, get to experience on a huge scale, especially in my teens, when I can be useful to camp. Overall, in my opinion, being a camp kid is one of the best childhoods you can have.