Camp has officially begun and we couldn’t be more excited! Through two weeks of camp, things have been going extremely well. Consider the Heavens is a theme that explores our place in the universe God has created. From the vast expanses of space to our daily weather forecast, we have discovered how God orchestrates the universe for human life to live in and explore.

The nature programs for this year are phenomenal, covering subjects such as: Earth’s place in our solar system, the ways the Sun is designed to sustain life on Earth, how God created the universe to be explored, the history of space travel and a look at the science behind the weather.

Though camp is limited to fewer people, we have still been able to serve around 75 campers total in each of our first two weeks of camp. Safe Thinking ideas put in place before camps began have been effective in encouraging a safe and fun environment at camp. Our Safe Thinking guidelines have given camp the opportunity to stay open and serve campers throughout the summer.

We praise God for the fruit we have already seen these first two weeks. Kids are hearing and responding to the Gospel. Many more have deepened their faith and are growing in their understanding of who their Creator is and just how much He loves them. Please continue to pray for the ministry as we serve the campers over the summer.

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