It has been two years since we announced the arrival of Big Red: our new-to-us all-purpose truck. After years of struggling with a vehicle that simply was no longer up to the demands of camp, Big Red has been everything we had hoped for. Whether plowing snow, spreading sand, hauling firewood, rocks, or brush – Big Red has been a work horse.

Unfortunately, this winter we began to experience mechanical difficulties severe enough to put the truck out of service – sometimes at critical moments when snow was about to arrive. Several attempts to diagnose and repair the truck on our own resulted in only temporary success. We finally had to send the truck in for major “surgery”, which has resulted in expenditures that exceed available funds.

The good news is that Big Red is back in service, sporting a rebuilt transmission, a new radiator, and new computer module. Total cost of the repair is $5,900. We can never forget the fact that the truck is the result of gifts by generous donors. While it is disappointing that the vehicle needed such major repairs so soon after we purchased it, it is the risk that comes with selecting a used vehicle with 100K on the odometer. We did our best to evaluate the condition of the vehicle, but in the end, issues come with age.

We are confident that the Lord, who provided the truck in the first place, will continue to provide to ensure its ongoing usefulness to this ministry. We appreciate your prayerful consideration, and ongoing support of the ministry of Living Waters.