Observations by new staff member Andy Douglass

    My adventure at Living Waters Bible Camp started with summer staff training in early June.  As I sat in the sessions with the 17 summer staff I wondered, “How will these few staff members run all the summer camps?” My past experience has been that summer camps need counselors, kitchen staff, activity staff, and full-time staff who are all paid for their work. This often results in approximately 50 paid staff members for a camp similar in size to Living Waters. After moving my family, I stared serving at camp on July 1st in a full-time capacity. It did not take long to realize, it is the volunteers that sustain the ministry at Living Waters!

     Each week a “small army” of 30-40 volunteers arrive with new energy and excitement to serve. “Renew your Strength” was our theme for the Summer, and seeing new volunteers with new energy did just that. It was very encouraging and helped renew my strength each time a new group of “fresh” volunteers arrived at camp. I was amazed at how many people would commit a portion of their limited vacation time to serve at Living Waters!  Living Waters truly holds a special place in their hearts for this level of commitment.

     Along with commitment, I saw the extraordinary work ethic of the volunteers. They worked tirelessly to see the children deepen their faith. Whether it was kitchen staff, the nurse, facilities helpers, dorm leaders, Bible teachers, or Directors; the volunteers were always willing to help with whatever needed to be completed. 

     The positive attitude each volunteer brought to camp was such a blessing. The volunteers came ready to serve with smiles on their faces. The positive attitudes were another way they encouraged the summer staff and full time staff.

     I was overwhelmed by the number of volunteers who dedicated themselves to living out the Living Waters mission.  Summer camp would not be possible without all the volunteers. So I thank you volunteers. Thank you for being a blessing, encouraging and living out the mission of this ministry.

     Living Waters Bible Camp truly is a unique, wonderful place where people can experience God’s love, and His creation through the dedication of the volunteers.

-Andy Douglass

School Groups Manager