Change can be difficult, but without it, we will never grow. Over the years, Living Waters has been witness to many changes in new buildings, new staff and new programs. At this moment, camp is at the precipice of more change. Our summer camps continue to grow and our retreat season gets longer and longer. God is using Living Waters to further His kingdom and we are excited to see the new growth!

As we add more groups in the fall, winter and spring, the demand to serve them increases.  Andrew Jackson has been our only Guest Group Manager for 14 years and is need of some help.  This is why we have decided to split Andrew’s role into two parts; Guest Groups and School Groups.  Andrew will still manage church retreats, summer camps and Living Waters program events.  We are looking for a new person to manage school groups.  Our School Groups Manager will recruit, host and facilitate any k-12 school that utilizes camp.

We have begun our search for this new staff member and hope to find the right candidate by January 1st, 2018.  Please be in prayer for this process.  We want God to bring the right person with the right skills to be a part of this vibrant ministry.

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