Mighty Servants

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.”

Living Waters Bible Camp singular focus is Building Servant Leaders.  We want to train and equip people to be sold out, missions minded, followers of Christ. Through the truth of God’s word and adventures in His creation we believe camp is an extraordinary place to prepare people for service in God’s Kingdom.

This summer, our theme of Mighty Servants will showcase the best of what Living Waters has to offer, using unforgettable lessons from creation to teach people about Christ.   Each year our theme focuses on a different part of God’s biblical account of creation.  This year we will “look to the ant” and other insects, to see what wonderful lessons we can learn from these Mighty ServANTS that God has created.

Our creative nature programs will lead campers into a learning experience linking the truth of God’s word, God’s creation and His calling on our lives.  Our themed nature programs will include: 
Busy Bees: Find out how amazing bees are as you observe them at work.  Learn about their extraordinary communication methods and how they work together.  We will learn from these Busy Bees how to be a servant as well.
Renewal of Life: This class is “to die for”.  Discover the important role of decomposer bugs as we explore the forest floor in search for those rotten bugs!  We will hear how each one of us is destined to die but we can have new life through Jesus Christ. 
Incredible Insects: In the Nature Center you will marvel at God’s design in vast array of exotic bugs, and understand how even small creatures bring glory to God.  
Invertebrate Zoo: Investigate the live exotic insects in the Investigation Center, and see how each one is created for a specific purpose.  See first-hand God has equipped these little ones for service. 
Insect Safari: You will experience the incredible world of bugs as we go on an insect hunt, and find out how you can be helpful to people. Draw closer to some amazing creatures as we observe the extraordinary lives of insects!  As we discover God’s surprising designs, we will learn how we can become Mighty Servants of God.

Of course a week camp would not be complete without the fun of camp activities.  At Living Waters Bible Camp we offer swimming, canoeing, horses, archery, a giant swing, a 50 foot climbing tower, a zip line and much more.

While the campers learn to be Mighty Servants they won’t have to go far to find a good role model.  Many camps have moved away from the volunteer staff model but Living Waters still believes that this original camping method is the most effective in leading campers to Christ and to exhibit the Servant Leader Lifestyle.  Rather than hiring college students to work with campers Living Waters enlists mature adult Christians to serve in all capacities of the camp.  Seasoned Christians give up vacation time and sacrifice their own busy schedule to be at camp to wash dishes, teach classes, lead music, and even lead a cabin of campers!  Parents who send their children to Living Waters can rest assured that their children are under the care of highly trained mature Christians who are committed to serving with their whole heart.  

We hope that you would join our mission of Building Servant Leaders.  Partner with our ministry by participating in camp programs, volunteering to help or contributing financially to support our missionary staff.  

Campers who come to Living Waters will go home changed.  They will have a deeper knowledge and appreciation for God’s creation and a heart for serving the Lord.

To find out more about Living Waters Bible Camp and its vision to be a premier Creation and Leadership training resource in the Midwest go to www.lwbc.org.