Thanksgiving is over, so there is no more debate about playing Christmas Music! Let’s bring on the decorations, the celebration and the snow. However you go about celebrating the birth of our Savior, it is a special time of year. For me, Christmas used to end on the 25th but after moving to Living Waters, the celebration continues until the 30th. Now, Winter Recharge feels like an extension of Christmas. It’s like a summer camp reunion for 6-12th grade campers, bringing back campers for a spiritual “recharge.” That is what Christmas is all about. A reminder of the importance of our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives.

As our last event in 2017, we look forward to introducing our new theme of Renew Your Strength. We will be looking at the physics of flight and understanding the comparisons God makes between flight and our spiritual lives. 

No winter event is complete without a friendly game of broomball, a graceful time of ice skating and a brisk afternoon of skiing at Mt. Lacrosse.  Returning campers will want to bring a friend to enjoy these adventures.

At the end of the retreat, if tradition continues, you will be the first to view the new 2018 brochure. Remember what happened last year? Winter Recharge campers only!  Check out the new look and see if your picture made it.  

Registration is open now!  Be sure to reserve your spot today by clicking here The registration deadline is December 15th!  Hope to see you there.